With the Lights Out

The secret is out... All fiction except for in my head. Not for young eyes. All credits for gifs to their owners - so don't blame me for stealing 'cuz I bite. Hard.
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Chapter 37

I knew exactly what the plan was for the next few minutes. The cameras would already be rolling, ready to capture the moving mass of cyclists as we thundered along the road and up onto the pier, through the amusement arcade and past the big wheel. We weren’t to stop. We had to keep looking forward, portraying a determination that the viewer would see was borne of the intention to ride off the end of the pier. Which we weren’t actually going to do, of course, a sharp cut in the editing suite would fix that. But, with Jared at the very front of the Ride calling director’s instructions, that’s exactly what it would look like.

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Anonymous said: So, so, so glad to see your updates!! I really missed them :) xo~Heather

Thank you so much for sticking around :)


Anonymous said: Please post more!! Im so anxious to see them talk. You're such an amazing writer! I missed you! -S

Thank you. Not much longer to wait ;)


caleb-hades-fistor said: that gif where Satan is very visible after a swim, what video is that from?

That was from a little clip shown on the last VyRT, when the guys were in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Lebanon. Hopefully it’ll be on the tour dvd.


dreamerwideawake said: Please fix them. It's breaking my heart.

Best get the sticky tape out ;)


hangmedownbytheriverbed said: Two chapters... you are spoiling us.... but I love being spoiled. Liked the chapters, they got me intrigued. Hope I won't have to wait too long.

I hope a week wasn’t too long to wait…

~ Saturday, January 5 ~

Chapter 36

“Okay, so are we all ready?” Jared shouted through his megaphone.

“Yeah!!!!” almost a hundred people yelled back. I kept quiet and looked at Mick nervously. He smiled back through tight lips.

“Let’s make this night one to remember! Let’s go!” Jared yelled. An ecstatic cheer rose to the heavens, the noise making my heart rumble in my chest. We waited as the cyclists in front of us set off, and not looking anywhere except at the back tyre of the guy in front of me, I pushed off the road and followed. I hadn’t seen such an incredible sight in a long time. One guy was on a stilt-bike, lots of people had flashing lights attached to their wheels; others bore streamers and flags. A lot of the riders were in fancy dress, or wore masks or face paint. I wished I had thought of the same – hiding in a disguise could have taken my identity for a little while.

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Chapter 35

Of course, the social networks went crazy when the pictures of Jared and I together at the premiere emerged. And something I thought would never happen, did.

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